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Brush FAQs

  • 1
    How long is the price of a product usually valid?

    Normally the validity of price is 6 month, we will specify in the contract. During the price validity period, we promise not to change our price due to the change of raw material price.

  • 2
    What is the process of customization?

    Firstly, we need customers to provide specific product parameters, photos, and other relevant information. Then we will make the drawings and submit them to the customer for confirmation. After getting the approval of the customer, we will arrange the production.

  • 3
    What if there is quality problem?

    We will strictly enforce our warranty and return policy. Customers can feedback on the quality problem within 10 days after they received the product, and we will exchange or refund unconditionally.

  • 4
    How much will the development of new products be charged

    If a customer require to design and develop a new product, the customer needs to bear the corresponding material costs. For example, the materials required by customers are not our regular materials and need to be purchased.

  • 5
    How long is the leading time?

    Our normal leading time is 14 days, customers can discuss with our sales manager if they need the product very urgently. We will also try our best to meet the needs of customers.

  • 6
    Do you provide free samples?

    We are very sorry because most of the products are customized products, we can't provide free samples. According to the price of the product, we will charge a minimum sample fee of $50 (excluding freight). However, what we expect is a long-term cooperation, so once the samples are approved by customers and purchased in batches, we will refund all the sample fees.

  • 7
    Why the title of the collection account is not Longguang?

    Shanghai Keyi International Trade Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Shanghai Longguang Industrial Brushes Co., Ltd. And specializes in international business. This company has the right to import and export so that it can facilitate our import and export trade and receive foreign funds. All the contracts we sign will stamp with the official seals by Shanghai Longguanng Industrial Brushes Co., Ltd and Shanghai Keyi International Trade Co., Ltd.