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Social Responsibility

Longguang's Principle

Longguang adhering to the principle of integrity first, quality first to provide customers with quality products and technical solutions. The harvest of the general customer's consistent high praise. Every year, a large amount of money is invested in technology upgrading and equipment innovation to keep the vitality of the enterprise and achieve an annual profit growth rate of 20%.

We Strictly Follows National Laws and Regulations

The company strictly complies with the requirements of national laws and regulations, establishes a modern enterprise structure, improves the company system, provides stable employment for employees, pays medical insurance, social insurance, and taxes in accordance with the law. The Longguang Industrial Brushware Limited obtained ISO series certification, commitment to resolutely do not use child labor, to protect the rights and interests of minors. We respect the freedom and human rights of workers, do not force workers to work in any form, and strictly prohibit all kinds of discrimination within the company. The company provides reasonable salaries, benefits, and holidays to the employees, and does not have to work overtime.

Green Philosophy at Longguang

As a light processing enterprise, the company attaches great importance to environmental protection, adheres to the path of sustainable development, and promises not to discharge sewage, incineration and other environmentally damaging behaviors. We will actively practice environment-friendly and resource-conserving development. The company regularly organizes staff training, to enhance the environmental protection concept in-depth grass-roots.

Longguang's Giving

The company strongly agrees with the concept of repaying society, and actively offers a helping hand when there is a natural disaster or the society is in need. For example, during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the company actively organized donations and donated materials to support the affected areas. In the South China Flood in 2019, the company organized personnel to deliver two trucks of daily supplies to the local disaster areas. In 2020, the company pay full wages to all employees during the epidemic shutdown period.