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SIC Honing Brush

  • SIC Honing Brush
  • SIC Honing Brush

Silicon carbide honing brush is the most common kind of honing brush, the hardness of silicon carbide crystal is very high, at the microscopic level, the crystal is very sharp and has excellent acid and alkali resistance, especially suitable for processing cast iron, steel and quenched parts and other high hardness of the workpiece or other non-metallic materials. At the same time, the price of silicon carbide is relatively low, with a high cost performance. The common abrasive mesh number is 120#-320#.

Features of Honing Brush

  • Honing brush should not fall off during the working process.

  • The base brush wire should be fixed with high strength stainless steel material to prevent corrosion.

  • The abrasive sand inside the brush filament should not fall off due to the bending of the brush filament.

  • Reasonable brush wire height and density.

  • High hardness and toughness in wet environment.

  • Good bending recovery and abrasion resistance.

What is a honing tool used for?

  • It is suitable for deburring and grinding the working surface of cylinder head and cylinder block, machine tools, etc. where the width of the machined surface is 100mm or more.

  • The super fiber oil stone material is made into a wire for use, and the apex has a strong abrasive force.

  • Removal of fine burrs from cross holes by centrifugal force of rotation.

  • Best suited for automatic deburring of cross holes on machining centers, NC CNC machines, and special machines.

  • High precision deburring without damaging the cross hole area and its edge shape.

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