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Industrial Brushes Manufactured By Longguang

With the continuous development of global industrialization, people's requirements on the quality of products are also constantly improving. How to make the car' s failure rate less, how to make the effect of air conditioning better, how to make the appearance of the product more delicate? The continuous improvement of human requirements for products is also the source power to promote the development of the world. 

Longguang, industrial brushware Ltd is committed to solving the problem that most production enterprises will face ----- burring and polishing. Small burrs in the assembly of various parts will produce a huge cumulative tolerance, and will finally affect the using effects of the product. Longguang is an industrial brushware Ltd with research and development, design, and production ability. We have accumulated years of experience in deburring in the field of automotive engines, aero engines, air conditioning compressors, transmission, and so on. Our industrial brushware can greatly improve the precision of the workpiece, and appearance, so as to improve the qualified rate of products.

Shanghai Longguang Industrial Brushware Ltd Looking forward to providing you with quality industrial brushware services and establishing long-term cooperative relations.

Application of Industrial Brush For Your Needs

Industrial Brush Roller (Cylindrical Brush) Application

Widely used in food cleaning, sheet metal cleaning.

Disc Brush Application

suitable for deburring of flat workpiece, with the advantages of high efficiency, low unit processing cost.

End Brush Application

small industrial brush, easy to install and use, suitable for most types of work pieces to deburr.

Tube Brush Application

suitable for cleaning, deburring, polishing inner hole, flexible use.

Honing Brush Application

It is suitable for polishing and deburring the inner hole of precision workpiece. It does not harm the product itself. It is widely used in the processing and deburring of aircraft engine and hydraulic hole.

Wheel Brush Application

Widely used in gear, metal grooves and other workpiece deburring, metal tube rust removal and welding slag, high efficiency, good processing effect.

Strip Brush Application

With sealing, dust removal, cleaning, remove static electricity, grinding and rust removal and other functions.

Competency Of Longguang Industrial Brushes

Our company, Longguang Industrial Brushware Ltd, has a strong R & D, design ability, has long-term cooperation with  world's major advanced brush wire, abrasive manufacturers. According to the specific needs of customers, choose the most effective material, design the most appropriate brush to solve the problem. Continuously maintain the spirit of innovation, enterprising, for the new product investment, so that the Longguang Industrial Brushware Ltd always has a strong vitality. We hope to be a trusted and long-term partner with customers.