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Cup Brush

Types of Cup Brushes

The diamond stainless steel wire cup brush is a kind of low-cost, high-efficiency, widely used industrial brush. It is ususlly used for the surface treatment of products with low requirements for roughness. With the features of stability and reliability, diamond stainless steel wire cup brush is often mounted on hand tools, and can be used in a wide range of extreme environments. The common usages of diamond stainless steel wire cup brush are removing welding slag, rust, and other surface cleaning work on the surface of the workpiece, and polishing the stone surface to get a better look at the grain, etc. Longguang has professional automation equipment, which can meet customer's requirements of various sizes and huge amounts of cup brushes.

Carbon Steel Cup Brush
Carbon Steel Cup Brush
Carbon steel wire refers to very high strength and hardness, so compared to other steel wire, his cutting ability is stronger, but the toughness will be slightly less. However, the carbon steel wire i...

Characteristics of wire cup brush

Cup brush is a low cost and efficient polishing product, especially suitable for the first process of the product to remove the strong burr, welding slag. The diamond stainless steel wire cup brush produced by Longguang has stable performance, in the process of use, the cup brush wire does not loose, fall off, and not easy to break. With great reliability, we can ensure the safety to users. And we generally use high quality carbon steel wire, compared with ordinary cup brush products, it has longer service life and fundamentally reduce your use cost. If you have special customized requirements, we can design and produce the diamond stainless steel wire cup brush according to your requirements.

Advantages of wire cup brush

We have a stable and advanced production line, which can ensure the timely delivery of large orders and maintain the stability of cup brush's performance. Longguang has a perfect after-sales service department. Once the diamond stainless steel wire cup brush quality problems can be returned for you in a timely manner.

What is a wire cup brush used for?

Compared with other materials, metal wire has strong abrasion and corrosion resistance, and the industrial strip brush can play a better polishing and polishing role. Steel wire brush is a series of stainless steel wire brush rolls mounted on a fully automatic high-speed brush polishing tool. The wire brush is generally composed of an external wire and an internal spindle, with both straight and curved external wires. It is often used in steel or aluminum surface treatment plants for polishing and surface oxide removal.

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