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Carbon Steel Cup Brush

  • Carbon Steel Cup Brush

Carbon steel wire refers to very high strength and hardness. Compared to other steel wire, its cutting ability of diamond cup brush and steel wire cup brush is stronger, but the toughness will be slightly less. However, the carbon steel wire itself has a lower cost, so the price of this kind of cup brush is lower, more cost-effective, suitable for a lot of use, including diamond cup brush, steel wire cup brush and so on.

Description of Steel Wire Cup Brush

Steel wire cup brush is a kind of brush for different purposes to select the corresponding type of wire, select different wire diameter. Wire has two kinds of straight wire and corrugated wire. The thickness of the wire can be according to different needs, including straight wire and curved wire two kinds.

Straight wire is suitable for drilling flocking way more brushes, such as wood board wire brush, wood handle wire brush, disc wire brush, etc.; and curved wire application range basically every type of steel wire cup brush can be used, especially spring wire brush rollers non-curved wire can not be, with straight wire. The wire folded simply can not be standardized, neat, and curved wire due to its own curvature in the production can be relatively coincident with the nearby brush wire, so that the folded even if the steel wire is not symmetrical, the tilt is not visible, and the steel wire on the surface of the brush roll is more dense, strong, and strong in rust removal.

Technical information of carbon cup brush

Product NameLongguang Carbon steel brush
GradeIndustrial Grade
Blade Width1.5" ,2",  2.5", 3" ,4",5",6" ,7'',8''inch
Customized supportOEM, ODM
Brush MaterialCarbon steel

Mental polishing and deburring

Remove welding slag


Recommended RPM2000-3000
Max RPM8000

Longguang carbon cup brush features

  • Carbon steel is a kind of hard mental. Brushes made of carbon steel can effectively remove weld slag from the workpiece surface.

  • The price is cheap, suitable for initial processing.

Materials that can be worked by carbon cup brush

  • Cast iron

  • Nodular cast iron

  • Steel part

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