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Brush Fill Material

Common filling materials are plastic, resin, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, copper, glue and so on. They are used primarily used as brush carriers, binders, or holding rods.

The most important part of industrial brushes is the brush fiber. The quality of the fiber can directly influence many parts of the products such deburring performance, service life and degree of finish. Due to the different quality, the price of the same kind of fiber will be different. Base on the actual situation, we will choose the best material which most suitable for customers’ requirement, in order to achieve the best cost performance. Our common materials are abrasive fiber, nylon fiber, bristle, horsehair and so on.

Details of Brush Wire

Normally the base material of abrasive fiber is nylon, the abrasive material inside fiber is SIC, AlO or diamond. Most of our brush fiber come from world famous manufacturers, such as Toray, DuPont, Haller. These brush wire after many years of market verification, have excellent performance and highly recognized by customers. They have many advantages such as better temperature resistance, longer service life, corrosion resistance. At the same time, we have also signed an exclusive agency agreement with Toray in China. And with China's local large - scale brush fiber manufacturers signed a long-term supply agreement

Different Types of Brush Materials

Metal fiber most related to steel fiber, stainless steel fiber, copper, copper plated steel wire and so on. We can choose the diameter of the wire according to the customer's demand.

The usage of Carbon fiber brush is also more and more wider, mainly used in heat dissipation, electrical conductivity and other special fields.

Due to its good water absorption, bristles and horse mane is mostly used for paint brushes. The animal hair materials we purchased are in line with the relevant international regulations and do not involve animal abuse. We will immediately cancel the cooperation with the raw material supplier and hold them responsible once we find the collection of row material related to animal abuse.

We have various types of sufficient raw material inventory, can meet the needs of our customers. For materials with special requirements, we can ask manufacturers to carry out research and development.