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Research & Development

Research & Development

Longguang is committed to providing excellent deburring solutions for our customers. If an enterprise wants to achieve success in operation and achieve sustained growth of economic benefits, it must constantly develop new products that can meet the needs of the vast number of users or consumers.

The R&D Investment 

The company's investment in R&D is necessary, in order to reinforce the company's strength and maintain its leading position in the industry.

Shanghai Longguang Industrial Brushware Ltd maintains close cooperation with most of the world-famous brush fiber manufacturers, such as DuPont, HAL, and signed the exclusive agency in China with Japan Toray. At the same time, we are also working with universities and research institutions to develop more efficient, low-cost brush fiber, in order to reduce the use cost of customers, and form our own core technology.

Hardware Investment

In terms of hardware, the company will continue to upgrade the plant and equipment. We maintain long-term cooperation with German and Italy equipment manufacturers and regularly purchases advanced, highly automated equipment from them, in order to improve production capacity and meet the growing product standards. Make the product in the structure, performance, material, technology, technological characteristics, and other aspects of a certain or several significant improvements.

R&D is not a one-time investment, but a long-term and stable investment.