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Strip Brush

Types of Strip Brushes

Strip brush is a kind of brush that is widely used in industrial and civil fields. According to the different materials, strip brush has different uses, such as sealed, dustproof, in addition to static electricity, dust, grinding, and other different uses. Industrial brush strip has the advantages of easy installation, low price, long service life, and so on. As the strip brush manufacturers, Longguang has a special production of industrial brush strip workshop, which can meet the needs of customers large quantities of orders.

Nylon Strip Brush
Nylon Strip Brush
Nylon stripe brushes are most common to see on the sides of escalators. Running elevator steps and side walls have directly gap, the brush is installed near the gap, in order to prevent people's s...

Maintenance tips of industrial brush strips

As a tool with cleaning function, we often only notice that the brush to clean something, but all ignore the brush in a long time after use, itself also need to carry out the necessary cleaning, and brush cleaning is also need to pay attention to, if the choice of cleaning chemicals and improper method, may make the brush abandoned.

Under normal circumstances, the brush needs to choose a special brush cleaner, or some mild not strong detergent to clean can be used brush cleaner, the dose is not too much applied to the wet brush after gently rubbing, after rinsing clean with cool water. At the same time there are some rules methods or need to pay attention to.

  • Do not clean against the direction of the hair.

  • After cleaning, gently press to let the moisture out, using a dry cotton cloth is possible, do not force and twist the bristles, otherwise the bristles will be damaged, the structure will also be loose, will lead to hair loss.

  • After washing the brush can be hung in the direction of the choice of downward, in the natural case of air-drying, not placed in the sun, if the sun dried in the sun will hurt the brush material.

  • Use a comb to smooth the brush, the tooth spacing of the comb can choose a larger.

What is an industrial brush strip?

Whether the filament of the strip brush fall off will directly affect the quality of the product. For example, the industrial brush strip used on precision equipment may harm the normal operation of the equipment if the strip brush filament fall off.

This is related the quality of the filament and the technology of manufacturing the industrial brush strip. We promise use high quality fiber, and use German automation equipment production, to ensure the stability of industrial brush strip product quality and consistency. Meanwhile, we can process various types of industrial brush strip according to the customer's requirements, convenient for you to use.

Features of Industrial Brush Strip

Our strip brush manufacturers have great strip brush customization capabilities, as well as large raw material inventory, to meet customer's differentiated needs. In addition to the nylon fiber, metal material, we also have special strip brush material like carbon fiber, anti-static, which can be used for heat dissipation, circuit board etching and other purposes.

Our metal industrial brush strip, compared with the general brush, has characteristics such as high density, not loose, high wear resistance.

Specification of Industrial Brush Strip

The basic specification of industrial brush strip is based on the steel strip. The length can be made according to customer requirements. The standard length is 1000mm.

The common steel strip brush size is 3*3, 4* 4,5 * 5,6 * 6,7 * 7,8 * 8,10 *10, which can be configured with aluminum base.

What is an industrial brush strip used for?

Strip brush is widely used in mechanical parts, plate, stone, craft glass, electronics indicated cleaning, polishing, polishing, rust and other industries, and produce the corresponding effect. The manufacturers of production and processing can do special processing according to the user's requirements or the size of the machine, processing with steel wire, nylon yarn, pig bristle, hair, tin, abrasives, etc.

Nylon is a common material used in brush factories. As usual, nylon brush wire used in the brush industry can be divided into three categories: nylon 6, nylon 66 and nylon 612. In this case, nylon single 6 is the relatively economical material, double 6 is harder and nylon 612 is higher. Nylon brush cord is a very important material for brushes, and the properties associated with the brushes are appropriate throughout the application process.

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