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Honing Brush

Types of Honing Brushes

As the hone tool, honing brush is a very advanced industrial brush, which is suitable for most kinds of internal polishing. Honing brush has good stability, fast processing speed, high precision, acid and alkali resistance and other advantages. Therefore, brush honing tool is widely used in engine cylinders for cylinder hone, air conditioning compressors, valves, aerospace industry, and other fields.

SIC Honing Brush
SIC Honing Brush
High hardness, large grinding ability, suitable for processing cast iron, brass, plastic.

Advantages of Honing Brushes

Longguang has strong reserve of raw materials, with a variety of mesh abrasive, which can fully meet customer's needs. As the honing tool suppliers, we have a professional design team, in addition to the standard honing brush products. Besides, we can also provide customization service of honing brush according to customer's requirements so as to 100% suit your workpieces. With high quality abrasive, service life and processing effect, Longguang honing brush products can reach the world advanced level.

How do you pick a ball hone?

Honing brush provides a flexible polishing and deburring capability compared with traditional inner-wall polishing tools. The small polishing ball will be good to fit the inner-wall of the workpiece. During the grinding, honing brush will not make any damage to the product, which can leave a uniform smooth grain on the inner wall of the product. Honing brush is a good choice to grinding high-precision workpiece.

How do you use a honing brush?

The surface effect after the honing brush treatment is remarkable. The entire treatment process includes a complete treatment of the geometrical arrangement of the object as well as the metallographic organization. The treated surface can be completely satisfied with the high quality results. The entire treatment process is based on a low-temperature, low-pressure grinding system that brings out the base metal structure in its original form to create a long-lasting and durable surface. The surface is metallographically completely free of any flakes, irregularities or specks of metal left by the previous mechanical process. In addition, it is possible to form a reticulated surface with irregular orientation or regular cross-textures, which are important in retaining lubrication.

Which honing tool is best?

The honing brush is a rebounding abrasive tool that finishes in a relatively gentle manner. Its unique construction allows its grinding balls to float, ensuring that the ball-tipped brush centers itself as it works on the hole and self-adjusts to counteract wear on its own. Whether it's surface treatment of the inside of a barrel or edge grinding, there is a ball abrasive brush for you. Whether you are in the automotive, aviation, marine, or other industrial manufacturing fields, the honing brush can grind a high quality surface and increase the effectiveness, life, and qualification rate of many products.

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