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Nylon Strip Brush

  • Nylon Strip Brush

Nylon brush strips are most common to see on the sides of escalators. Running elevator steps and side walls have a direct gap. The nylon brush strips are installed near the gap, in order to prevent people's shoelaces, clothing, etc. from being involved in the elevator and causing safety accidents. At the same time, nylon brush strips are also widely used in automatic revolving doors, car door seals, all kinds of mechanical equipment seals, dust removal, and dust sweep.

Advantages and characteristics of nylon brush strips

Longguang uses high-quality nylon fiber, mainly nylon 612 material, compared with ordinary materials, has better high-temperature resistance, and wear resistance, and the overall service life is longer. 

Nylon brush strips, consisting of nylon bristle wire, base, and fastening wire, three are pressed by advanced fully automatic instruments for precise tolerance and stable product performance.

Application of Nylon Brush Strips

The bristles in nylon brush strips are made of nylon. The nylon bristle strips have the characteristics of soft, strong recovery and good wear resistance, so they are often used in machinery, wire boxes, door bottoms, cabinets, escalators, vacuum cleaners, and automobiles. Nylon brush strips mainly play the role of good sealing and dustproof, insect-proof, pinch-proof, cold, and heat insulation; the processing of technology can give the product additional functions such as flame retardant, anti-static and anti-UV. Nylon brush strips can be customized in a wide range, bottom width, side height, total height, total length, and material can be customized to meet the needs of different customers. Nylon brush strips can also be produced in various forms through stamping, punching, cutting, and winding processes. Beveled edge brush, punching brush, fan brush, inner (outer) winding brush, and spring brush are all products derived from nylon strip brush. Overall, the variations of nylon brush strips are diverse because different industries have different application requirements for it, and different forms of nylon brush strips can play different application effects.

How to Choose Nylon Brush Strips

Brush style, shape, and use are very different, but the following methods are applicable to the purchase of most brush products, the method is also quite easy. The quality of the nylon brush strips is visible to the naked eye, qualified brush wire thickness is uniform, the surface with a certain degree of gloss, and the color of each brush wire is more uniform. Dense and uniform brush silk backlight does not leak light, the wire out of the peak is also relatively flat, there will not be a large number of convex or concave situation. Both ends of the brush wire tension angle is moderate. Qualified nylon brush strips filament surface dry, sweeping back and forth with the hand can quickly restore the original form, remove one of the brush filament folded. The crease can be restored to flat in a short time. Pinch a small bundle of brush wire with two fingers, moderate force pulling is not easy to get out, not to break directly. Qualified nylon brush strips will have a slight principle plastic smell, but the smell is not too stimulating, placed after a period of time will dissipate. Nylon brush strips quality is the market pass, knocking on the door. Nylon brush strips are small, but the quality is not possible to ignore.

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