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Steel Wire Disc Brush

  • Steel Wire Disc Brush
  • Steel Wire Disc Brush

The steel wire disc brush has strong grinding ability and is mostly used for the workpiece with low surface roughness requirements. Nylon sanding brush can effectively remove burr, welding slag, rust and so on in a very short time. For example, the large solid welding slag produced after steel plate welding can not be handled by ordinary abrasive fiber disc brush, but the desired effect can be easily achieved by steel wire disc brush. At the same time, we generally use stainless steel wire to produce brushes, which can ensure the service life of products and long storage time.

Normal Specification And Dimension Of Nylon Sanding Brush

SIC Disc Brush
Diameter(mm)Wire Length(mm)Shank(mm)Material

Is a nylon brush abrasive?

Nylon sanding brush has excellent mechanical properties and impact resistance. Soft, high dimensional stability, good chemical stability, resistant to alkali, soluble in phenol, formic acid, etc. It is a relatively economical product in the nylon series, used to manufacture cleaning brushes and industrial brushes, etc.

Heat-resistant, low-temperature-resistant, chemical-resistant and wear-resistant brush wire products. Nylon sanding brush is generally used for processing and manufacturing head combs, toothbrushes, cleaning brushes and industrial brushes, etc. It is also suitable for fruit and vegetable cleaning and polishing and grinding industries.

What is a nylon abrasive wheel used for?

Glass industry: Nylon sanding brush products include cleaning machine brush rollers, edge grinding machine brush, PP, PU, PVC, PVA water-absorbing sponge roller. Glass cleaning machine brush roller, roller shaft for 45 # round steel, bristles for nylon material, such as the need to add acid cleaning glass cleaning line, must use the full stainless steel brush roller to prevent corrosion. Generally use the strip brush mechanism into a strip brush and then spiral welding on the roller shaft; water absorption roller, made of high-density hydrophilic molecules sponge, good water absorption, fast drying, used for the glass surface of the water droplets for comprehensive and rapid suction dry.

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