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Quality Control

To ensure the quality of our products is always the goal which we pursued. Our company has established a whole set of quality control processes and accountability systems.

If there is any quality problem with the products finally delivered to the customer, we will compensate the customer or resend the goods according to the contract.

  • Material Control
    [01] Material Control

    The quality of raw materials is another key factor to determine the quality of the industrial brushes. The production department will apply for the corresponding raw materials from the warehouse department according to the information on the drawings to avoid errors.

    Material Control
  • Drawing Review And Confirm
    [02] Drawing Review And Confirm

    The accuracy of drawings is an important prerequisite for quality control. We will design drawings for customers according to their requirements, Firstly, our technicians will fully understand the needs of customers, reduce the errors of drawings, eliminate quality hazards. After that, the drawings will be confirmed by the customer, and then go into the production link.

    Drawing Review And Confirm
  • Technical Discussion
    [03] Technical Discussion

    Before we start to produce a brush, We will arrange technical personnel to study and discuss the production process according to the drawings, to ensure that the production process can be smooth and efficient.

    Technical Discussion
  • Delivery Inspection
    [04] Delivery Inspection

    Before each batch of goods leaves the factory, our inspector will check the size, tolerance brush bristles and etc. of the products according to the drawings to ensure the qualified rate of the goods.

    Delivery Inspection