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Steel Wire Wheel Brush

Types of Steel Wire Wheel Brushes

Wire wheel brush is a kind of brush with wheel shape, which is widely used in industry. It can be installed on electric drill, machine tool and other equipment. With features of convenient use, high processing efficiency and easy installation, wire wheel brush can greatly save the processing cost of products. Therefore, wire wheel brush is an essential practical tool in the field of industry.

1. Curved surface polishing

Compared with disc brush, wire wheel brush is suitable for curved surface of the workpiece polishing, and can fit the surface well and process the workpiece.

2. Groove

For the workpiece with groove, the wire wheel brush can easlity let the brush filament into the groove for polishing, which can save a lot of labor and improve the efficiency.

3. Gear

The teeth of gear will have a lot of small burr after die casting, which seriously affects the precision of gear engagement. The wire wheel brush can be used for one-time treatment through high-speed rotation.

Steel Wire Wheel Brush
Steel Wire Wheel Brush
It is widely used in metal surface treatment. Can easily remove the burrs from gears, grooves, etc. It can be installed on electric drill, machine tool and other equipment. According to the specific r...

Tips before using wire wheel brush

When people use the brush rollers, sometimes find one or more problems, so the product quality questions, in fact, as long as the manufacturer and the use of manufacturers pay attention to the following points, then you can well eliminate the possibility of problems with the brush roller products.

  • First of all, the brush roller must be cleaned and packed before leaving the factory, because in the process of planting and flat hair will produce a lot of broken hair, so before packing comb the brush wire, and clean up the broken hair.

  • In the transportation process from the manufacturer to the manufacturer, in order to prevent debris, dust to brush silk dip, use packaging boxes, bags, and another packaging to prevent damage to the brush roller phenomenon.

  • Before arriving at the factory, make sure that the brush wire is not exposed directly (without any packaging) and put on the ground or in other polluted environments.

  • Put a pad on the shaft head of the brush roller to keep the brush wire upright and clean.

Advantages Of Steel Wire Wheel Brush

Judging the quality of  a wire wheel brush is mainly based on the material and brush strength. Longguang uses Toray and Dupont brush wire, which have highly temperature resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics. Customers can also choose more cost-effective wire wheel brush according to the actual demand. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of our manufacturing process, the problems such as the disintegration of the wire wheel brush and the breakage of the brush wire are fundamentally eliminated. The service life of the wire wheel brush is greatly prolonged, and the potential safety hazard is reduced.

Features Of Steel Wire Wheel Brush

In order to strengthen the wire wheel brush body, we take the lead in adopting glue injection to reinforce the brush body. Compared with the traditional wheel brush, the stability and grinding effect are greatly improved due to the internal gule fixation. At the same time, our automated production equipment shortens the production cycle of wire wheel brush and improves the speed of goods delivery. Customers can customize the most suitable wire wheel brush products according to their own needs, so as to achieve the best processing efficiency.

Specification Of Steel Wire Wheel Brush

The following form is the size of part of the standard products, according to the workpieces you need to process, brush wire material can choose abrasive fiber, metal wire, etc.




Dia of Fiber





















What is a wire wheel brush used for?

  • Cleaning and polishing of various industrial products and materials.

  • Surface treatment of metal hardware materials.  

  • The surface of the printed circuit board has been cleaned and polished. In short, industrial brush rollers are widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as high-temperature strip transport, rough surface treatment, surface cleaning, descaling, plate polishing, etc.

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