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Twist Knot Cup Brush

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Diamond Cup Brush is a powerful cutting force brush, can easily remove the most stubborn and hard burr. Can be installed in angle grinder, machine tool, or various types of deburring equipment. Diamond cup brush is suitable for process hard materials, such as cast iron, cemented carbide, stones and so on. Normally diamond cup brush is used in the initial processing step. If there is a requirement for the finish, the abrasive brush can be selected in the subsequent steps to further process the workpiece. In addition to deburring, Diamond cup brush is also widely used in stone processing industry and can be used to polish stone grain.

Technical information of twist knot cup brush

Product NameLongguang twist knot cup brush
GradeIndustrial Grade
Blade Width1.5" ,2",  2.5", 3" ,4",5",6" ,7'',8''inch
Customized supportOEM, ODM
Brush Material

Carbon steel


Mental polishing and deburring

Remove welding slag


Recommended RPM2000-3000
Max RPM8000

Longguang twist knot cup brush features

  • Super destructive power, can easily remove huge welding slag,suitable for machining low precision workpiece.

  • Can work in any environment, with excellent stability.

Materials that can be worked by twist knot cup brush

  • Cast iron

  • Nodular cast iron

  • Steel part

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