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Abrasive Filament Wheel Brush

  • Abrasive Filament Wheel Brush
  • Abrasive Filament Wheel Brush
  • Abrasive Filament Wheel Brush
  • Abrasive Filament Wheel Brush
  • Abrasive Filament Wheel Brush

Nylon filament wheel brush is commonly used in wood industry, metal surface processing, in the process of processing is not easy to damage the workpiece. Customers can choose the suitable mesh abrasive according to different processing requirements.

Features of Abrasive Nylon Wheel Brush

  • Good resistance to acid and alkali, good resistance to chemical organic solvents, does not destroy the original surface photosolubility, low water absorption of bristles, suitable for grinding under dry and wet conditions.

  • High durability, strong bristles, long service life.

  • High bristle strength, good strength, hyperbolic surface, concave and convex surface, all kinds of surfaces can be fully and evenly ground.

Abrasive Nylon Wheel Brush Uses

Disc brushes in industry Disc brushes in industry, in general, have four types of applications, which boil down to one thing, in order to obtain the desired finishing effect on the surface of the workpiece. Therefore, the main task of the disc polishing brush is the surface finishing of the workpiece.

  • Satin finishing: Satin finishing is the process of using soft and fine polishing brushes to brush the surface of the part into a non-glossy satin diffuse reflective layer, which allows the surface of the part to obtain a non-mirror-like shimmering luster.

  • Surface cleaning: mainly with disc polishing brush to clean the parts surface oxidation, rust, old paint layer, welding slag and other dirt, also used to brush away the parts were eroded after the residual floating ash.

  • Filigree brush light: in the parts surface with disc polishing brush brush out certain regular, fine filigree, such as: wave pattern, fish scale pattern, etc., to achieve decorative purposes.

  • Remove burr: remove the burr on the edge of the surface of the parts after machining by brushing. This is also the disc polishing brush in the industry since the application of a wide range of class.

Application of Abrasive Wire Brush

Abrasive wire brushes used in industrial production are even more widely used for.

  • grinding the burrs and chamfers on the surface of parts and processing machinery and their products.

  • grinding the surface of die casting to make it smooth and durable.

  • surface finishing for copper tape, aluminum tape coils.

  • with can be used for angle grinding, wind, mechanical tools grinding brush, etc..

  • cleaning of military weapons.

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