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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Dear customers, we have a perfect warranty policy to maximize the guarantee of your interests. Within 14 days after the customer confirms receipt of the products, if the customer proposes that the product does not in accordance with the drawing in size, material, or the quality of the product (such as brush wire falling off, breaking, brush body breaking, etc.) has problems, we will provide the customer with a refund or re-produce the product for free. Because the industrial brush is a consumable product, more than 14 days will be regarded as customers accept the product by default, we will not assume the responsibility of free return and exchange of goods.


If the following circumstances occur, the warranty is not covered:

1. Customers modify the products without our permission.

2. Man-made damage

3. The products are produced according to the drawings and have been confirmed with the customer in advance, but the customer requires modification after the completion of the production.

4. Damage caused by irresistible factors, such as earthquake, fire, etc

Contact us:

When you have any questions during use, please send an email to or call our after-sales service phone number +86 021-62509890. We will contact you at the first time after receiving the message and provide you with solutions.

Special Note:

If you need to return or exchange the goods, please provide us with the photos or videos of the problem products, as well as the specific problem points in detail. We will make improvements according to your feedback. After our company maintenance, returned goods, still enjoy 14 days of the warranty period.

Return Address:

Building G, No.2, Lane 819, Yinxiang Road, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

Zip code: 201802

To: Lu Xin

Telephone: +86 18616973799

Refund Process:

If the customer elects a refund, the money will be refunded to the customer by the original route within 14 working days.