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Disc Brush

Types of Disc Brushes

The disc brush is specially used to  deal with the surface of metal, such as cast iron, aluminum, steel. Metal parts produced by cutting or die casting will inevitable have burr or flanging. If the burrs are not removed, it will lead to the accumulated errors when we assemble these parts and affect the accuracy of the finial products. Besides, these burrs will more likely to rust and affect the service life the products. For these reasons, the deburring process is very essential.

SIC Disc Brush
SIC Disc Brush
The Disc Brush is specially used to deal with the surface of the metal, such as cast iron, aluminum, steel. Metal parts produced by cutting or die casting will inevitably have burr or flanging.

Advantages Of Disc Brush

Variety kinds of materials and specifications can meet most demands.

Disc brush can be customized according to customer needs.

Easy to install on CNC, machining ceters, or other deburring equipment.

Long service life can greatly reduce the processing cost.

Strong capacity can meet the needs of mass production.

Large hard bristle surface for optimal cleaning.

What is a disc brush?

The common abrasive materials of disc brushes are silicon carbide, alumina, diamond, nylon for nylon disc brushes, and so on. It has strong cutting force through high-speed rotation, which can easily remove the metal burr, oxide coating, welding slag, to improve the overall finish, while not damaging the workpiece. With the stable quality of disc brush products and high standard service, our company has been the supplier to Bosch in China for more than 10 years.


Diameter(mm)Wire Length(mm)Shank(mm)Material 
Steel Wire Disc Brush
352580.2MM Steel Wire 
552580.2MM Steel Wire
7525120.2MM Steel Wire
10525120.2MM Steel Wire
ALO Disc Brush
SIC Disc Brush
Diamond Disc Brush

What are flap grinding discs?

As a useful industrial tool, Longguang flap disc is the perfect option for operators. With the features of versatility, long service life and easy to use,  flap disc can be used in metal fabrication shops all over the world. Because flap disc has greater flexibility than other abrasive discs and wheels, operators could hardly make damage on parts. Longguang industrial brushware ltd provides high quality products for operators at a reasonable flap disc price.

What is a flap disc used for?

Flap disc can be used for adjusting and shaping metal, and for working on wood, to shape certain metals and have a finished look. Flap discs are widely used in industries, such as welding, machining, large scale equipment, devices maintenance, and agriculture production.

Industrial brushes are used in a wide range of applications, and the manufacturing materials used are different depending on the application environment. The industrial brush is made of three materials: bristle, base, and fastening wire, which are pressed by advanced instruments. According to the use of different environments, it is necessary to choose different bristles to customize the brush.

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