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Types of nylon roller brush

According to the different brush material and the different production mode, the use of brush roll made by nylon roller brush manufacturers has the very big difference. Commonly available are abrasive brush rollers and nylon roller brush, as well as integrated brush roller and spring brush roller. Brush roller has a wide range of uses such as: printed circuit board surface cleaning and grinding; surface treatment of various metal and hardware materials; cleaning and polishing of various industrial products and materials. To sum up, industrial brush rollers are widely used in the metallurgical industry, including high temperature strip conveying, surface cleaning, removing oxide skin, polishing plate, deburring and so on. Nylon roller brush manufacturers set no fixed size specifications, which is mainly customized according to customer needs. As the one of nylon roller brush manufacturers in China, Longguang provides high quality brush rollers for sale at a reasonable nylon roller brush price.

Nylon Roller Brush
Nylon Roller Brush
Nylon brush roller has many advantages such as high elasticity, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance 1010 nylon silk brush roller is very popular in the food industry, because its materia...

What is a nylon roller brush used for?

Nylon material, woolen wire has the characteristics of soft, strong recovery, good wear resistance, etc., so nylon roller brush is often used in machinery, wire boxes, door bottoms, cabinets, escalators, vacuum cleaners, cars. Nylon roller brush mainly plays the role of good sealing and dustproof, insect-proof, pinch-proof, cold and heat insulation; through the processing of technology can give the product additional functions such as flame retardant, anti-static and anti-UV.

Suitable for household dust removal and cleaning in brush parts, such as vacuum cleaner rollers, brush rollers, brush platforms.

Dust removal parts in industrial equipment and doors and windows; generally also need to have flame retardant anti-static function.

Cleaning and decontamination of fine parts, such as car surface cleaning.

Advantages of nylon roller brush

As the one of nylon roller brush manufacturers, Longguang product has good dynamic balance performance, which is also one of the most important properties of the brush roll, in order to prvent the using process of shaking, falling off, and causing equipment and personnel damage or hurt. Advanced flocking technology ensures the stability of the nylon roller brush that the nylon roller brush fiber will not fall not during the working process. Roller brush for cleaning is especially important in the food process industry. As the one of nylon roller brush manufacturers, we will provide nylon roller brush for sale and pack the goods in strict accordance with the local laws and regulations of the customer at a reasonable nylon roller brush price.

Features of nylon roller brush

In some precise industries, the tolerance requirements of the axle are very strict. Longguang nylon roller brush manufacturers can guarantee the maximum tolerance of 0.01mm. According to customer's demands, nylon roller brush manufacturers can provide different types of nylon roller brush such as flocking, strip winding. Due to the introduction to semi-automatic equipment, our production capacity of nylon roller brushes has been greatly improved, which is suitable for mass purchase without delay in delivery.

Tips of nylon roller brush

Nylon roller brush as a custom class of brush, there is no fixed size, the specific production of the nylon roller brush will be carried out according to customer requirements or drawings by nylon roller brush manufacturers.

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