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ALO Honing Brush

  • ALO Honing Brush
  • ALO Honing Brush

The hardness of Alumina crystal, the calorific value in the processing is small. At the same time the AlO has the advantages of high toughness, high durability. Aluminum oxide flex hone is especially suitable for processing the workpiece with high tensile strength, such as automobile engines, hydraulic holes and other precision instruments. Aluminum oxide flex hone has a certain acid and alkaline resistance, but it needs to avoid working in a strong acid and alkaline environment as far as possible. We will equip our aluminum oxide flex hone with various types of shank for customers to install on grinder, electric drills or CNC equipment.

Characteristics of Aluminum Oxide Flex Hone

  • High hardness, wear resistance, anti-scouring. Aluminum oxide flex hone is comparable to diamond, and its wear resistance is much higher than that of manganese steel and high branded cast iron, which can extend the service life of equipment by more than 10 times under the same working condition.

  • High temperature resistance, excellent heat resistance.

  • Acid and alkali corrosion resistance: stable chemical properties of alumina, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, Aluminum oxide flex hone adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions. 

  • Light weight: Aluminum oxide flex hone can greatly reduce the equipment load.

  • Firm bonding, not easy to fall off. The use of high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive paste, arch joint and stud welding and other fixing methods, aluminum oxide flex hone can ensure that the ceramic piece in high temperature. High impact conditions of long-term operation does not fall off.

Application of Aluminum Oxide Flex Hone

Aluminum oxide flex hone is widely used in industrial production, especially used in thermal power, iron and steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical industry, cement, port terminal and other enterprises of coal transmission, material transmission system, powder system, ash discharge, dust removal system and all other mechanical equipment with high wear and tear, such as ceramic liner, wear-resistant ceramic pipe, ceramic drum, etc. Customers can choose different types of products according to the needs of different working conditions.

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