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Longguang Successfully Participated the Tool Exhibition in Shenzhen

On April 2, 2021, the 22nd Shenzhen industrial tools exhibition was successfully concluded in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition of industrial tools, machinery, and equipment with the largest scale and the largest number of exhibitors in China. A series of modern products including cutting tools, cutting equipment, polishing tools are faced to the public in this exhibition.

After careful preparation, Shanghai Longguang industrial brush Co., Ltd. has attracted a large number of participants to watch and consult with our excellent reputation and excellent quality products in the industry. For a long time, deburring and polishing is the last step of metal processing, which also brings great trouble to many customers. Seemingly insignificant metal burr will greatly affect the quality and service life of products. Many traditional processing enterprises still use the manual deburring method, which not only makes the quality of products uncontrollable, but also greatly limits the production capacity of enterprises, and brings high labor costs. Our technicians answered the questions for our customers at the scene, showed the use method and scope of our industrial brush, which greatly satisfied our customers, and reached a number of transactions at the scene.

Through this exhibition, we not only show our products to the customers but also learn a lot of new knowledge and better understand the new direction of the future development of industrial products through communication with customers and other exhibitors. Longguang has made continuous development and progress over the years, which is also inseparable from our enterprising spirit. We always believe that our customers are not only customers but also our friends and teachers, which will guide our future development. We will continue to improve our ability in the future, strengthen the construction of our own brand, better serve our customers and continue to bring more advanced, better quality products for customers.

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