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Production Method of Brush Roll

A brush roll generally consists of a metal shaft, bristle attachment body (plastic or nylon tube, etc.), and bristles. So, how are brush rolls produced? There are mainly several methods, which are briefly introduced below.

Direct planting of bristles on brush rolls

This is the most traditional way, which is to directly plant nylon wire or abrasive wire on the abrasive roller.

  • Advantages: Strong strength, short manufacturing and processing cycle.

  • Disadvantages: High cost of bristle planting, and unable to perform partial replacement, which is the initial choice.

Nylon sleeve for brush rolls

  • Advantages: Simple manufacturing process. It is currently the main production method of high-temperature-resistant nylon wire brush rolls.

  • Disadvantages: If poor-quality nylon is used for production, the thermal expansion and contraction of nylon will cause the nylon to become longer, causing the nylon sleeve to expand and crack, and making the entire abrasive roller scrapped; using tack planting bristles, the strength is not high and shedding is easy; the strength of nylon is not high, and it's impossible to improve the planting density, etc.

Wrap type brush rolls

  • Advantages: This is a bristle planting method introduced from abroad. The abrasive wire is made into a metal strip that can be wrapped around the abrasive roller, and can be customized according to the length of the abrasive roller. It is currently the main production method of abrasive wire brush rolls.

  • Disadvantages: Since the abrasive wire is wedged in the metal strip, it will cause wire pulling (abrasive wire being pulled out), the strength is not high, and after wrapping, only two ends are fixed, so it is difficult to tighten the middle. If one end becomes loose, accidents may occur. The new double steel belt wrapping function is improved compared to ordinary wrapping, but the cost is high.

Aluminum alloy brush roll- A new type of abrasive roller

  • Advantages: The abrasive roller produced is assembled with an aluminum alloy tube which can customize any length of brush roller; the high-strength aluminum alloy substrate can make the highest bristle planting density, and using the most advanced bristle planting technology, does not shed or produce cracking or elongation like nylon; the roller body can be checked by automatic balancing.

  • Disadvantages: The manufacturing cost is too high, and it requires relatively high technical requirements for workers. It is not suitable for producing brush rollers using metal wire as material.

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