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Application of Industrial Brushes in Product Deburring

Industrial brushes are new products that are upgraded and improved based on civilian brushes. At present, there are many types of industrial brushes, and their applications are also very wide. For metal deburring and polishing brushes, they are mainly made of iron wire (steel wire) as the framework, with many neatly arranged and outwardly extending fine brush bristles on top. The bristles are made of nylon containing abrasives, commonly aluminum oxide and silicon carbide.

Main types of industrial brushewares

Deburring strip brush, deburring disk brush (planted hair and glued), deburring roller brush, deburring bowl brush, deburring pipe brush, deburring pen brush and so on. Mainly according to the shape of the workpiece that needs to be deburred, the matching tools and equipment are selected to choose different shapes of deburring brushes to achieve the purpose and effect of matching use.

Main materials of industrial brushwares

Silicon carbide abrasive filament, aluminum oxide abrasive filament, diamond abrasive filament, steel wire brush, ceramic fiber brush, etc. mainly choose the material and number of the bristles based on factors such as the material of the product that needs to be deburred, the size of the burrs, and the surface quality requirements of the product.

Applications of various types of industrial brushwares

In the deburring industry, the use of brushes is mainly dominated by professional deburring equipment, machine tools, and manual (electric tools).

Gluing end face brush

  • Suitable for surface treatment (deburring) of workpieces

  • Stamped and decorated molds for welded products

  • The surface processing of cylinders and hydraulic parts in different industries, etc.

Parallel brush for machine use

Suitable for deburring, polishing, rust removal, chamfering, drawing, grinding, cleaning, etc. of different materials.

Bowl brush

Suitable for heavy-duty and large-scale surface cleaning work, removing burrs, rust, paint, welding slag on welding surfaces, etc.

Pen brush

Suitable for removing burrs in hard-to-reach areas, cleaning debris, imprints, and rust in hard-to-reach areas, etc.

Pipe brush

Widely used for deburring, grinding, polishing, rust removal, cleaning keyways and grooves, and removing burrs in various holes, blind holes, and cross holes.

Gluing wheel brush

Based on the improvement of the original machine parallel brush, its uses are similar to that of the machine parallel brush, and it can horizontally or vertically process the surface of the workpiece to be processed.

Applications: deburring, polishing, removing welding stains, rust removal, cleaning, paint stripping, decarbonization, etc.


Customized synthetic brushes, ceramic fiber brushes, ball-shaped pipe brushes, etc.

The use of industrial brushware tools in the deburring industry has a history of many years. There are many aspects that need to be paid attention to in the actual use process, mainly including the shape and specification of the brush, the material and number of the bristles, the processing equipment, and the brush brand. The rigorous selection of brushes and rational matching of processing equipment are the key to achieving good results in the deburring process.

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