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A More Stable and Durable Polishing Disc Brush

1. What is a disc brush?

Industrial brushes are new products upgraded and improved on the basis of civilian brushes. They can be widely used in cleaning, dust removal, polishing, sealing, water absorption, beauty and high temperature belt transportation of products in glass, steel, automobile, pharmaceutical, hygiene and environmental protection industries.

Industrial brushes can be divided into disc brushes, roller brushes, strip brushes and special-shaped brushes according to their structure types. Among them, disc brushes have the functions of grinding, finishing, polishing and deburring, and are widely used in various industries.

In the glass production and metal processing industries, the workpiece is often polished with a disc brush. The disc brush is driven by a transmission machine to rotate at a high speed. Due to the long-term contact with the workpiece, the disc brush is easy to wear.

When it is necessary to replace the bristles of industrial brushes, it is often necessary to disassemble and replace the entire brush, which leads to heavy workload and long disassembly and assembly time, which seriously affects the normal production of enterprises.

At the same time, the turntable and spindle are often not damaged during replacement, resulting in a waste of resources and greatly increasing the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore, there is a need on the market for a disc brush that is convenient to install and disassemble, saves resources, and is more economical and durable.

2. The technical scheme of the new disc brush for polishing

In order to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, technicians provide a more practical new disc brush for polishing, which is realized by the following technical solutions.

A disc brush for polishing comprises a connecting device, a fixing plate, a brush body and bristles. The connecting device is composed of a circular tube and two sets of flanges. The fixing plate is a disc-shaped structure, and a threaded hole aligned with the flange of the connecting device is arranged in the middle of the fixing plate.

The fixing plate is connected with the connecting device by screws, the middle part of the fixing plate is provided with an annular protrusion, the annular protrusion is provided with through holes, and the side parts of the fixing plate are also provided with evenly distributed through holes.

The installation part includes a bolt and a nut screwed together, the middle part of the bolt is screwed with a screw hole arranged on the disc brush, the tail of the bolt is screwed with a nut. A first accommodating cavity is arranged in the middle of the end of the bolt, and the top of the flexible connecting portion is interference-fitted in the first accommodating cavity.

The upper part of the brush head is a cylinder with a second accommodating cavity in the middle, the lower part of the brush head is a quadrangular pyramid, and the bottom of the flexible connection part is interference fit in the second accommodating cavity.

The flexible connecting part is steel wire rope or plastic tow. The side of the brush body is provided with a circular ring with the same height as the fixed plate, and the circular ring on the brush body is provided with a threaded hole;

The brush body is connected with the middle part and the side part of the fixing plate by screws; the center of the brush body is provided with a through hole; the bristles of the industrial brush are fixed on the front part of the brush body. The bristles are evenly distributed on the brush body in a ring shape.

A plurality of brush blocks are arranged in a cross shape on the circular brush plate. There are a plurality of annularly arranged mounting holes in the center of the circular brush plate.

Compared with the prior art, the disc brush has the advantages that the structure of the device is reasonable, and the fixing plate and the brush body are connected in a detachable manner.

When the bristles of the disc brush are worn and need to be replaced, only the brush body and the bristles need to be replaced without replacing other parts, which greatly saves the replacement time, achieves the purpose of saving resources, and has good stability and long service life.

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