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The Working Principle and Method of the Road Sweeper Disc Brush

1. How does the road sweeper brush work?

The road sweeper cleaning device is to install two road sweeper disc brushes in the middle of the front and rear wheels of the chassis, and the bristles are made of synthetic plastic.

During the cleaning process, the bristles touch the ground and roll the plastic bristles. Compared with the steel wire, it has less damage to the ground. Although the wear resistance is not good, it has good elasticity and moderate rigidity, which can improve the throwing speed of garbage and dust particles. Improve the working ability of the disk brush.

When the disc brush is in the working state, it should extend and fall, and keep floating contact with the road surface. When in the non-working state, the disc brush is controlled by the hydraulic system to retract to a certain height, which can reduce the width of the vehicle and the bristles. wear.

2. The working principle of the road sweeper brush

The design of the action mechanism of the sweeper brush must be able to realize the compound action of extending, lowering, floating and recovering, lifting and locking.

The lifting and retracting of the disc brush is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder and the connecting rod mechanism. In addition, the grounding pressure of the bristles can be controlled mechanically, so that the sweeper can maintain the best cleaning effect while minimizing the wear of the bristles of the industrial brushware.

The disc brush of the road sweeper adopts a rear-mounted suction nozzle, which is located behind the brush and between the two longitudinal beams of the chassis frame. .

Due to the short and straight structure of the suction nozzle, the garbage can easily be sucked into the garbage bin under the action of negative pressure. The diameter of the sweeping disc is large, and it can extend out of the vehicle, so the sweeping width is large. The short front overhang makes the adjustment of the suction nozzle easier. And the replacement of the straw is easy.

In addition, the distance of the suction nozzle relative to the road surface, the main engine, transmission, driving vehicle, auxiliary engine, clutch, driving fan, piping system, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, disc brush and roller brush rotation, dumping of garbage can , the disc brush and the swing of the suction nozzle have a great influence on the effect of picking up garbage.

Therefore, the suction nozzle should be able to automatically maintain the optimal ground clearance under normal operating conditions. The adjustment of the ground clearance is ensured by the adjustable tug, and the suction mouth can fluctuate with the height of the road surface.

There is a horizontal sweeping brush behind the suction nozzle. The main function is to raise the garbage under the suction nozzle again, reduce the suspension speed of dust particles, and make it easier for the garbage to be sucked into the dust collection box.

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