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Application of Industrial Brush Strip

As the rapid development of industrial manufacturing, the industrial brush strip has been widely used to mechanical cleaning, polishing, dedusting, dedusting, grinding, clearing, rubber coating and transportation and so forth. So the industrial brush strip becomes a necessity to nearly all industries. And what fields else would it apply in? What is the storage method?

Applications of the industrial brush strip

The industrial brush strip is the new product who has been upgraded and transformed from the civilian brush. Its main functions are to clean, dedust and polish and so on in the commercial process. If necessary, the industrial brush strip also applys in the fields of glass industry, leather industry, footwear industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, wood industry, furniture industry, electronics industry, printing industry, watch industry, galvanized sheet industry, food and beverage industry, tobacco industry and carton industry and other industries. However, because of the increasement of usage, people meet with problems that never happen before.

1. Common industrial brush strips in daily life: dustproof brush; it is mainly used to the inlet and exit of parts of mechanical equipments, flow lines and doors and windows as well as pollution equipments and its products so as to stop dust from falling into cracks. Therefore, it requires the industrial brush strip to have high elasticity, lubricated surface and anti-static function.

2. Leather and shoe industry: the daily products include tiny cloth wheel brush, horsehair brush and sisal hemp brush. Generally people often use the industrial brush strip to polish, wax and apply oil on the surface of leather products and shoes due to its functions and characteristics.

3. Wood and furniture industry: The main products made by industrial brushware ltd include polishing brush, electric sander brush, seal wool top brush, the painting machine brush and wire drawing machine brush. This kind of brush is mainly used to polish and grind.

4. The main applications of the industrial brush strip in the textile industry are sanding machine brush, brushing machine brush and combing machine brush. Moreover, glass edging machine brush is used in the glass industry who applys the industrial brush strips frequently.

The storage method of the industrial brush strip

Especially people put away the industrial brush strip leisurely after using it. While the correct way is to clean it by gasoline or diluent to prevent the brush filaments from twisting together caused by tardy cleaning upon the completion of a project. Next, it is required to restore the industrial brush strip according to the rule. Wrap the industrial brush up by brown paper or plastic bags with holes so as to keep air flow that it would efficiently prevent the industrial brush strip from getting mildew because of tight seal during storage.

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