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Application Scope and Advantages of Nylon Brush Roller

Ⅰ. Application scope of nylon brush roller

1. The nylon brush roller is mainly used to deburr and finely polish the surface of the parabolic object, so the type and characteristics of the brush wire should be determined according to different requirements.

2. If it is a steel plate with strong hardness that needs to be electroplated and polished, the ideal brush wire should be bronze wire. If it is a general metal material for surface rust removal and deburring treatment, use steel wire industrial brushware with better hardness.

3. Grinding brushes are rarely used. Generally, industrial grinding is directly completed with abrasive tools such as grinding wheels. These are not within the scope of industrial brushes, but are used for grinding in the textile industry.

4. It is necessary to use an abrasive wire brush roller containing silicon carbide. The mesh number (density) of the silicon carbide contained in the abrasive wire should be properly adjusted with the strength of the fabric to be ground and the effect to be ground.

5. Mainly used for cleaning, dust removal, polishing and other links in the industrial production process, mainly including brush rollers, roller brushes, wire brushes, strip brushes, belt brushes, disc brushes, spring brushes, nylon brushes, rubber rollers , Sponge water absorption roller, road sweeping brush for sanitation vehicles.

6. Fireplace chimney brush, bottle brush pipe brush, glass washing machine brush roller, fruit and vegetable washing machine brush roller, textile printing and dyeing industry brush, ceramic glaze line brush, paper printing equipment rubber roller, anti-static brush, metal Polishing and grinding brushes, metal pickling brush rollers, etc.

Ⅱ. The advantages of nylon brush roller

1. The damage to the belt interface and the peeled old belt caused by the traditional scraper cleaner greatly improves the service life of the belt and has higher stability.

2. The automatic follow-up system can always maintain the pressure with the belt according to the wear of the bristles, and solve the problem of power transmission caused by the jump and wear of the drum and the driving wheel.

3. The roller brush adopts imported wear-resistant nylon roller brush rollers arranged at large intervals, which does not stick to materials, does not scale, runs smoothly and has a long service life.

4. The nylon brush roller adopts the roller friction driving wheel to transmit power, and does not need to use a motor and a control interlock system. It will not cause the tape to deviate during the cleaning process, and it is reliable.

The application range and advantages of nylon brush roller, after reading this article, you should have a basic understanding and understanding, I believe everyone understands it! In general, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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