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Main Materials and Applications of Industrial Brushes

Industrial brushes are a new type of product that upgrades and improves on household brushes, mainly used for industrial processes such as cleaning, dust removal, and polishing. The materials used are divided into several categories:

Industrial brushes with diamond steel sand abrasive wire brushes

Mainly used in steel plants or hardware industries to clean and remove rust from steel plates, polish other castings, and polish products such as steel strips, aluminum strips, and copper strips to create a mirror-like finish. Diamond steel sand abrasive wire brushes feature a fusion of silicon carbide material into nylon, which maintains the elasticity and toughness of the nylon bristles while providing the abrasive effect.

Industrial brushes with steel wire wheels and rollers

Mainly used in grinding of stones such as marble and granite to polish and sand, and to smooth out the surface and make it shiny.

Industrial brushes with nylon rollers

Widely used for industrial cleaning, including pre-packaging cleaning of fruits and vegetables and other industrial processes.

Industrial brushes with pig bristle wheels and rollers

Mainly used for special processes that require high temperature resistance, good elasticity, high hardness, and wear resistance, such as pressing wheels used in textile industry shearing machines and splitting machines to push the cloth edge into the needle board.

Industrial brushes with horsehair rollers

Replaces traditional brushes with horsehair, which does not bring hard damage to the work surface. Horsehair has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance and is usually used for surface polishing, waxing, and glazing of leather, flooring, and furniture.

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