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Automotive Industry

Why We Need Industrial Brushes in Automotive Industry?

With the continuous development of industry, the precision requirements for products are becoming higher and higher. In many situations, a burr that is almost invisible to the naked eye can seriously affect the quality of the product and even its service life. For example, the automobile engine is made up of hundreds of parts. If the burrs are not removed clearly, there will be a huge cumulative tolerance when they are combined, which will cause huge safety risks. Through the treatment of our brush, it can remove these burrs efficiently, quickly, and accurately, greatly reducing the unqualified rate of products. Compared with traditional manual deburring, it also greatly improves efficiency and reduces the cost of the enterprise.

Longguang's Cooperation with Toyota Motor

About ten years ago, Shanghai Longguang Industrial Brushware Ltd was approached by Toyota Motor, which wanted us to develop a related industrial deburring brush for automobile engines.

After visit our company and the factory by Toyota Company, they basically recognized our company and let us to design and produce samples. Since the workpiece to be processed is the precise automotive engine parts, the requirement of the accuracy of our products is very high. After repeated improvement and verification, our products were finally recognized by Toyota, and we have been cooperating with Toyota ever since.


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