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Common Functions and Applications of Disc Brush

The disc brush is used in various industries, and its functions are also diverse. The main function of the disc brush is the abrasive wire brush, which has the functions of grinding, finishing, polishing and deburring. It is widely used in various industries, such as the processing of cold-rolled plate, galvanized and tinned plate, the finishing of metal surface, deburring and chamfering after machining, etc.

I. What are the common functions of the disc brush

1. Satin finishing: satin finishing is the process of finishing the surface of parts with matte diffuse reflection satin with a soft fine polishing brush. This gives the part surface a non specular gloss.

2. Surface cleaning: the disc brush is also mainly used with the disc polishing brush to clean the oxide, rust, old layer, welding slag and other stains on the surface of the parts, and clean the residual dust after corrosion of the parts.

3. Thread brushing: make the disc polish the surface of the parts to realize the grinding of fine threads with a sense of design.

4. Deburring: after polishing, remove the burrs on the part surface. This is also a category widely used as industrial brushes.

II. What are the applications of the disc brush?

1. The disc brush is applied to the finishing of cold-rolled plate, galvanized and tinned plate before processing and metal surface.

2. Deburring and chamfering after machining.

3. Decontamination and grinding of copper plate in electronic circuit board.

4. Automobile gear processing, deburring and electroplating of engine parts and surface grinding before coating.

5. Surface finishing of copper strip and aluminum strip coil.

6. Surface grinding of castings, deburring of deep holes and related holes.

7. Woodworking, three plywood surface finishing, prominent processing of complex furniture wood grain, concave convex surface grinding.

8. The cylinder liner surface and terminal surface of hydraulic parts are polished.

9. Finishing of refrigerator compressor and air conditioning compressor parts.

10. Disc brush made by industrial brush company is used for military weapon cleaning.

The wide application range of disc brush is due to the unique design of disc brush. The disc brush mainly embeds nylon tow or abrasive tow with strong acid resistance, friction resistance, chemical solvent resistance and low water absorption into the disc base of injection molded parts. The brush made by this processing method is highly durable, firm drawing and long service life. In addition, the brush wire has high strength. Due to its high strength, it can polish hyperboloid, convex and various surfaces evenly.

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