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Brush Rolls of Various Materials Used in Different Industries

The process types of brush rolls are various, including inward and outward winding brush roll, hair-planting brush roll, and welded brush roll. Different industries need different materials and processes for brush rollers. What are the applications of all types of brush rolls in different industries?

Ⅰ. The applications of different materials of brush roll in various industries

The typical brush filaments include wire brush, nylon wire, abrasive wire, plastic wire, sisal hemp, bristles, etc. Which material for the brush roller do you know better their applications?

1. The most common materials of wire brush roll are steel wire and copper wire which are seen everywhere in the steel industry and coating industry. The wire brush could deburr and grind finely on the surface of articles.

2. The nylon wire brush rolls are mainly applied in the food processing industry. Only it meets the food-grade requirements that are avirulent, harmless, and pollution-free could be used in daily life like vegetable and fruit washing machines and flour sieving machines. Because of nylon's abrasion resistance and temperature resistance, the nylon roller brush is trendy in the textile and printing industry.

3. You may not be so familiar with the abrasive wire brush rolls. They are primarily applied in the color-coated steel industry. They would get efficiently by mixing with unique materials such as emery.

4. The plastic wire brush rolls are commonly used to clean the snow on the expressway and urban roads. They are also applicable for the cleaning and polishing the surface of stainless steel and thin copper, removing the rust on the surface of oxide coating after melanism, and cleaning and polishing the surface of tubular components.

Ⅱ. Tips for purchasing brush rollers

It is undeniable that many industries like the textile, ceramic, leather, glass, papermaking, and metallurgy industries are well suited to benefit from the brush roller for cleaning. It will be bothering that brush rolls would lose their hair to sharpen your eyes when you buy them.

The production of industrial brush roller includes roller injection molding and roller Hair-planting. Though the process seems to be very simple, it requires us to work still cautiously. For it will be troublesome to deal with hair loss and shape change because of our carelessness. Besides, the misoperation of brush rolls would also result in hair loss. It is not suitable to rotate the brush rolls too fast or too slow. And the contact force between brush rolls and objects should not exceed its limits.

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