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The Importance and Functions of Industrial Brush Strips

1. What are the functions of industrial brush strip?

Industrial strip brush is generally used in industry for dust retaining and dust removal in factory production, but it has more functions. The industrial strip brush can also solve the problem of eliminating static electricity, so that it will not be disturbed during the operation of some related equipment. This function of industrial brush strip was not expected. However, there are many things we should pay attention to when using industrial strip brush. For the installation of material connection position, there will be some gaps in the middle when the two strip brushes are spliced. If these gaps cannot be handled properly, there will be many problems, such as poor sealing performance of the equipment. So, we should pay attention to the connection of this part. Usually, we use some glue where two industrial brush strips are connected. Its main function is to reduce the size of the gap, and it is not easy for people to find.

You should know that the industrial strip brush has many functions. It can not only clean the machine, but also seal the doors and windows. It is known that for industrial strip brushes used in industry, industrial brush strips made of different materials can also be selected according to the use environment.

2. Importance of industrial brush strip

Compared with the industrial brush roller, the industrial brush strip is more "compact", and the effect of the huge brush roller in the operation process is naturally more prominent. Through the changes of the applied workpiece, environment and occasion, it is clear that the brush roller has "come" .

So what is the working effect of industrial brushware? How does it make people feel its existence?

Although the arrival of the industrial brush strip is not as obvious as the brush roller, its existence is more long-term, and people can't forget its existence. If the industrial brush strip is removed from the original post, you may suddenly think of its role. For example, in the field of industrial assembly line, you will find that the industrial brush strip is at the bottom of the worktable, which is filling the gap of the worktable in obscurity. If the industrial brush strip does not exist, you will find that the gaps that have been blocked by the industrial brush strip are exposed, and many dust and impurities will appear from these gaps to disturb your normal processing operations.

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