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How to Use the Polish Brush? What to Watch out For?

Polish brush, have you heard of it? In fact, the application of polish brush is very wide. Such as the automobile industry, home appliance industry, food packaging machinery, CNC machine tools, glass industry, ceramics industry, door and window industry, wood industry and other industries, its function is to remove burrs, grind and polish the surface of objects.

1. About polish brush

Polish brushes are made of skeleton and wool. The commonly used skeleton materials are iron wire and steel wire; and the brush wire material can use nylon wool, fiber wool, abrasive wool, steel wire, copper wire, and even animal bristle wool according to your use environment and application effect. For example, for leather surface polishing, choose a soft brush wire to avoid scratching the surface of the leather, while wood polishing will make the steel wire with better hardness. Brush products are all non-standard products, and polishing is only one of its uses. Combining different skeletons and brush filaments can produce a variety of products, which can be customized according to the use environment, application industry and the properties of the object to be polished.

2. How to use the polish brush?

After understanding the basic situation of the polish brush, how to use the polish brush? First of all, we need to put the polishing swipe on the bench drill with proper stroke, and the vertical drill can be stuck on the lathe. When processing heavy and bulky items, you can choose to be stuck on the pneumatic drill and the hand electric drill, and then we will rotate the electric drill. If you adjust it, you can start the electric drill for grinding. Generally speaking, you only need to move the electric drill up and down 8 to 10 times. When moving, you need to rotate or manually move the processing part. 

3. Precautions for the use of polish brushes

In general, we n eed to choose different materials of polish brushes according to the condition of the workpiece. For example, when throwing metal pipe grooves, we can completely consider choosing a polish brush made of steel wire or copper wire. Secondly, we should pay attention to the fact that when using the polish brush, the pressure should not be too large. If the pressure is too high, the thin lines on both sides of the polish brush will be distorted or overheated, which will easily break the thin lines, and then quickly melt and polish. The service life of the brush is also shortened. You must know that the current polish brushes are widely used, not only in the hydraulic industry and other industrial fields, but also in the wood industry, furniture industry, hardware industry and other decoration and building materials fields.

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