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Classification and Introduction of Uses of Brush Rolls

The brush roll is a large range of general terms. Its purpose and performance vary depending on the material used. Here, we briefly introduce the common types:

Nylon hair brush roll

The 1010 nylon hair brush roll is highly elastic, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant. It is widely used in the food industry because it is made of non-toxic and pollution-free food-grade materials. Its high wear resistance and heat resistance are also popular in the textile and printing industry. Its high elasticity is widely used in glass cleaning and other cleaning industries.

Abrasive hair brush roll

Special materials such as diamond sand are added to the abrasive wire, which is more wear-resistant than nylon hair. Due to its resistance to acid and alkali, it is mainly used in the steel or other hardware industry for cleaning, rust removal, and oxidation removal of steel plates, initial processing of steel materials, production of galvanized steel plates, color-coated steel plates, and other casting parts. It is also used in the polishing and mirror effect treatment of steel strips, aluminum strips, copper strips, and other products.

The abrasive nylon brush bristles are made by spin-drawing 20%-40% silicon carbide or alumina into nylon 612. It has high strength, rigidity, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, and high melting point.

Hemp hair brush roll

Traditional nylon bristles, PP bristles, and other chemical materials are easily charged under high-speed operation of the brush roll and cannot achieve ideal polishing and dust removal effects. Using natural Mexican plant hemp as bristles can completely solve the problem of static electricity during operation, and has good dust removal effect and durability. Due to its natural material, it is used for rough grinding, polishing, etc. before processing furniture panels. It is also widely used for polishing tiles and other purposes.

Horsehair brush roll

It performs better in application than ordinary bristle brush rolles and is a secondary development of bristle brush rolles. In terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, horsehair brushes are more outstanding than ordinary bristle brush rolles, and are usually used for surface polishing, waxing, and glazing of leather, flooring, and furniture.

Plastic wire brush roll

It is used for stainless steel surface cleaning/polishing, polished copper strips and steel strips surface polishing, thin copper surface cleaning/oxygen removal/cleaning/polishing, removal of blackening process oxidation on the surface, pipe-shaped device surface cleaning and polishing, city roads, highways snow cleaning, etc.

Pig bristle brush roll

It is mainly used for special processes that require high temperature resistance, good elasticity, high hardness, and wear resistance, such as burning machines and slitting machines in the textile industry.

Metal wire brush roll

Mainly classified as copper-plated brush roll, steel wire brush roll, copper wire brush roll, etc. Widely used in the steel, steel plate, coating, and other industries, it is used to remove burrs, fine polishing, and surface treatment of the used objects.

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