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Introduction to Types and Functions of the Strip Brush

Strip brush is a commonly used industrial tool, often used to block moving doors and windows, revolving doors, sliding doors, automatic doors, elevator dust, preventing dust from entering the interior.

Strip brushes come in many different types and sizes, and are used in various door and window and mechanical industries, with different types of strip brushes having different functions. The main types of strip brushes are mechanical strip brushes, door and window seal strip brushes, and industrial strip brushes. Strip brush can adjust the material's properties according to different industry needs, such as acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-static, and so on. The main uses of aluminum alloy seal strip brushes include dust removal, polishing, cleaning, and grinding. Let's learn about the types, functions and process characteristics of strip brushes.

Types of the strip brush

  • Mechanical strip brushes. Used for cleaning and cleaning of machinery and equipment, the brush belt can be selected from iron or stainless steel belts. Materials can be adjusted based on different industry needs, such as acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-static, and so on.

  • Door and window seal strip brushes. Used for home door and window seal, having good sealing effect, resistance to rain and sunlight corrosion.

  • Industrial strip brushes. Used for door and window seals on public transportation, escalator safety brushes, industrial sealing, cleaning, and so on.

  • In addition, strip brushes are also used for cleaning, polishing and rust removal in various industries. In short, the applicability of strip brushes will gradually expand, and the market will become more and more extensive.

Process characteristics of the aluminum alloy seal strip brush

Using aluminum alloy rollers as the brush rollers, the length of the brush rollers can be customized; high-strength aluminum alloy is used as the substrate. The bristle density of the aluminum alloy seal strip brush is often higher than that of hair, which is much better than the current advanced technology compared to past plush methods, at least solving the problem of shedding and shedding. The disadvantage of aluminum alloy seal strip brushes is that they have higher production costs and more stringent process requirements. However, the new technology of aluminum alloy seal strip brushes is still the first choice in modern industrial environments.

The production and processing of strip brushes has greatly strengthened many manufacturing methods. Brush production and processing are made according to manufacturer's drawings and requirements, but brush production has undergone significant changes in other ways. The number of strips is divided into planting hair and other programs. Strip brushes are used not only for escalators, but also for home doors and windows.

Strip brush is a widely used brush type in both industrial and civil fields. Depending on the material, strip brushes have different uses, such as sealing, dust prevention, anti-static, dust removal, grinding, and other different uses. Industrial strip brushes have the advantages of easy installation, low cost, and long service life. As one of strip brush manufacturers, Shanghai Longguang Industrial Brushes Co., Ltd has a dedicated workshop for producing industrial strip brushes, which can meet the needs of customers for large-scale orders.

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