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The Composition of Nylon Strip Brush and Its Maintenance Skills

1. What is a nylon strip brush?

Nylon strip brush is composed of nylon wire, base and fastening wire. It is pressed by advanced automatic equipment. The tolerances of the three parts are accurate and the product performance is stable. The strip brush factory, Longguang will share with you briefly.

The filaments of the nylon strip brush are made of nylon, which has the characteristics of softness, strong resilience and good wear resistance. Therefore, the nylon strip brush is often used in machinery, wire boxes, vacuum cleaners, automobiles, etc.

Nylon strip brushes mainly play the role of good sealing, dustproof, insect proof, anti-pinch, heat insulation and cold preservation; through technological processing, the product is endowed with additional functions such as flame retardant, anti-static, and anti-ultraviolet.

The nylon strip brush can be customized in a wide range, and the bottom width, side height, overall height, overall length and material can be customized to meet the needs of different customers. It can also be processed into various products by punching, punching, shearing, winding and other processes.

Bevel brushes, punching brushes, fan brushes, inner (outer) winding brushes, and spring brushes are all derivatives of industrial brushes with nylon strips.

Generally speaking, the changes of nylon strip brushes are various, because different industries have different application requirements for them, and different forms can also have different application effects. As long as you observe carefully, you can also find nylon brushes around you. Applications.

2. What are the maintenance skills of the strip brush?

Strip brushes are widely used in our lives. Strip brushes are used in the connection between doors and door frames that we often see, and strip brushes are used in the entrance and exit escalators of shopping malls and markets.

Nylon strip brushes are strips of nylon products made of filaments. Next, Longguang will explain to you how to maintain the strip brushes?

The maintenance of the strip brush needs to be soaked in warm water for half an hour, and then gently scrub along the bristles of the nylon strip brush. Do not go against the bristles of the nylon strip brush, otherwise it will be easy to lose hair.

After washing the brush, gently wipe it with a tissue or a dry towel, and then place the brush in a ventilated place to dry the brush. Do not expose the brush to the sun, otherwise the bristles will become stiff and also Do not use a hair dryer to dry the nylon strips.

The maintenance of the strip brush is like a woman's skin. Only after careful care can it maintain its youth forever. Therefore, only by taking good care of the strip brush can the service life of the strip brush be extended.

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