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What is a Pipe Brush?

A pipe brush, also known as a test tube brush, a tube brush, a hole cleaning brush, a twisted wire brush, an internal hole brush, an inner tube brush, a groove cleaning brush, etc., is a product widely used in polishing, cleaning, dust removal, and rust removal. The pipe brush is mainly composed of iron wire (steel wire) as the skeleton, which is twisted and has many thin bristles arranged neatly and extended outward. The brush material includes nylon, fiber hair, pig bristle, steel wire, copper wire, abrasive wire, etc.

Scope of application of the pipe brush

The pipe brush is generally used for deburring inside hydraulic valves, polishing inside cylinder sleeve pistons, cleaning steel drums, cleaning test tubes, removing dirt from boilers, removing burrs inside metal parts, etc. As a new brush product, the pipe brush has a wide range of applications. It is commonly used to remove burrs from various pipe grooves inside hydraulic valve holes, cross holes, air conditioners, refrigerators (compressors), cylinder bodies, engine accessories, mechanical processing, hole processing, and brake drum processing. It is also suitable for polishing some elliptical, conical, and Venturi tubes. The ball-shaped brush can easily and quickly perform the best surface treatment on cylinders, valves, pipelines, and pipe cavities of various shapes and sizes. The polishing brush can automatically center and calibrate, and finely and uniformly process the hole surface, without affecting the original precision and scale of the workpiece. It is easy to use, safe, economical, and has significant effects.

The tube brush also has an irreplaceable role in medicine or pipes. It can clean both sides and top of the pipes, even if they are deep, because the new type of test tube brush with a tail has emerged. Pipe brushes are used to clean or paint the interior of pipes, while brushes that paint the exterior of pipes are usually made of ordinary bristles. Pipe-specific arc drum brushes solve this problem.

Selection of materials and application fields for the micro pipe brush

For a long time, removing burrs and processing corners in small-diameter holes have always been a headache for relevant enterprises and are a high-cost processing operation because the process requires a large amount of manual operation. Now, the successful development of micro deburring pipe brushes can realize the automation of this processing operation, not only improving product quality and consistency but also saving time and costs. The brush hair of this brush can use materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon, and natural fibers and can achieve excellent surface quality on various substrates.

The selection of brush hair depends on the processed substrate, the amount of burrs, and the final precision machining requirement. Carbon steel and stainless steel wire brushes are suitable for removing debris and burrs on cast iron and steel. Abrasive-filled nylon wire is suitable for improving surface quality and removing burrs on softer materials, which is ideal for processing thread burrs on steel and aluminum parts. Brass wire is most suitable for soft materials. Nylon and natural fiber are mainly used for cleaning. Both of these materials can be used as carriers of diamond grinding paste or cutting fluid in polishing operations.

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