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What Should Be Noticed Before We Purchase Polish Brushes?

The brush is one of the tools we often see in daily life. However, ordinary brushes are really difficult to meet the needs of some industries. For example, we need a tool to polish some industrial parts. That is the common industrial small tool, a polish brush. If you are using a polish brush or have the need to purchase a polish brush, there are some issues that need to be noted before purchase.

Ⅰ. What are polish brushes?

The polish brush is a brush product for polishing the surface of objects. It can not only deburr and finely polish the polished objects, but also effectively improve the overall product smoothness and neatness. The general polish brush is mainly made of iron wire as a skeleton, with many neatly arranged and outwardly extended fine brush wires. All of these materials make up a basic polish brush. General polish brush materials include nylon wire, fiber wool, bristles, steel wire, copper wire and other new materials.

Ⅱ. What should be noticed before we purchase polish brushes?

With the spreading of polish brushes, we should notice that if there are these problems, we should reconsider the purchase of the polish brushes.

First, the brush hair is skew. When pressing the U-shaped metal strip, we should pay special attention to whether the brush wire is smooth. If the brush hair is skew, the reverse brush resistance increases sharply when the brush roller is working, and the brush hair is easy to fracture, so that the service life of the polish brush made by industrial brush company is greatly reduced, and the operation is also affected.

Second, the brush hair is too long. When the length of the brush wire is too long, it is not the cutting surface of the brush wire that is working, but the side surface of the brush wire is working. More importantly, the fluctuation of each brush increases a lot. At 800 to 2500 RPM, the stress and fatigue coefficient of the brush foundation are multiplied, resulting in broken abrasive brush hair and deformation of the polish applicator brush.

Third, the brush hair is too thin. In order to save the cost of polish brush hair, some individual brush factories plant few brush roots in each brush hole, or the brush hole density is low. As a result, the hair volume of the brush roller is sparse, the brush surface is soft and weak, and the power is low during grinding. Users do not know the reasons, so they increase the back pressure or speed to improve the power, leading to the overload operation of brush hair, and the great reduction of service life.

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