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What Are the Applicable Scopes of Brush Rolls?

Brush rolls have a wide range of applications, and there are many types of them, so many factories will use brush rollers. The factories mainly involve the following:

Textile factories use brush rolls

The products include shaping machine brush wheels, raising machine brushes, brushing machine brushes, comber brushes, palm brush, fine yarn machine brushes, and polishing cloth wheels.

The burnishing machine has a special brush roller, which uses bristles or nylon bristle materials, and the roller shaft uses 45# round steel + injection molding. There are many extra fluffs on the fabric produced from the textile factory. The purpose of the burnishing roller is to brush these extra fluffs out. Under the brush roller, there is an open flame which will burn these fluffs. The slitter machine includes slitter rollers that use 45# round steel as the roller shaft and nylon or other materials for the bristles. The bristles are planted in a zigzag shape from the middle to the sides. This allows the fabric to be brushed straight to both sides. The needle plate press edge brush wheel mainly has an injection-molded body in the middle and mostly uses bristles of pig hair. Its purpose is to press the fabric edge onto the machine's needle plate through the pressure of the bristles.

Ceramic factories use brush rolls

The glaze line brush adopts a sturdy sandalwood core with white or black plastic bristles for glazing surfaces of tiles and other ceramic products.

Leather and shoemaking factories use brush rolls

For polishing, waxing, and oiling leather and shoe surfaces, small-sized brush wheels like cloth wheels, horsehair, and hemp are generally used. For leather production, the high-temperature nylon bristle brush rollers are used in the leather rubbing machines.

Glass factories use brush rolls

The products include cleaning machine brush rollers, edging machine brush rollers, PP, PU, PVC, and PVA water-absorbing sponge rollers. For glass cleaning machine brush rollers, the roller shaft uses 45# round steel and the bristles use nylon material. If the glass cleaning line needs to use acid to clean, the brush roller must be fully made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Generally, it is made into strip brush by strip brush machine and then spiral welded onto the roller shaft in a spiral shape. Water-absorbing rollers are made of high-density, hydrophilic sponge, with good water-absorbing and quick-drying properties, which are used to quickly absorb water droplets on the surface of glass.

Papermaking factories, printing factories, and cigarette factories use brush rolls

Brush rollers made of pure nylon are used to flatten tobacco leaves into a thin layer before flowing onto production lines for drying.

Woodworking factories and furniture factories use brush rolls

The products include polishing brushes, sanding machine brushes, sealing bar brushes, painting machine brushes, and wire drawing machine brushes. They are made of anti-static nylon bristle so that they can remove dust from the surface of wood flooring, furniture, and other items. The bristles must not carry static electricity so that dust can be effectively removed by a dust removal device.

Electronics factories use brush rollers

Strip brushes made of conductive bristles are used to clean integrated circuit boards, electronic components, and to guide static electricity.

Environmental protection factories use brush rollers

The products include round road sweeping brushes, square brushes, brush rollers, steel wire disk brushes, nylon road sweeping brush disks, sweeping car brush rollers, sewage treatment brushes, floor washing machine brushes, and computer car washing machine brushes. Cleaning machines use roller brushes. The environmental sanitation vehicle disc sweeping brush is made of high-strength plastic bristles and is used to clean dirt on the ground. The strip brush on the sewage treatment equipment is used to isolate solid objects in the sewage. There are also snow sweeping roller brushes, snow sweeping brush strips, and train cleaning machine brushes.

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