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Application Range and Precautions of Strip Brush

At present, strip brushes can be seen almost everywhere in all walks of life, so what kind of convenience and speed do the functions and characteristics of strip brushes bring to the majority of users? Which industry is the strip brush suitable for? So, let's learn about the application and precautions of the next brush!

1. What are the application scopes of strip brushes?

In fact, strip brushes belong to the category of hardware and building materials industries, so they are very common in this industry. For example, carbides such as iron strip brushes, nylon brushes, spring brushes, and mechanical plate brushes can be used for surface depilation and sand light treatment.

In these industries, all strip brushes play a very important role, so as to better ensure the normal operation of each program.

Strip brushes are generally used in industry. In factory production, strip brushes are used to block dust and remove dust, but this is not the case. Strip brushes can achieve better static elimination problems, so that some related equipment is not disturbed when working. 

2. What are the precautions for the use of strip brushes?

There are many things to pay attention to when using the strip brush, the installation of the strip brush material connection position, because the two strip brushes have some gaps in the middle when they are connected, so if these gaps are not handled properly, there will be many problems, such as the sealing performance of the equipment.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the connection of this part. Usually, adhesive is used where the two industrial brushes are connected, but its main function is only to reduce the size of the gap, which makes it difficult to distinguish.

You must know that there are many functions of the strip brush. The strip brush can not only clean the machine, but also seal the doors and windows. In addition, you can also choose strip brushes made of different materials, and choose strip brushes according to the use environment.

3. The composition of the brush

The extension product of the strip brush, that is, the brush strip is spirally wound on the processed steel shaft, and the two ends are welded and fixed.

And industrial brushes can be made into hollow spring brushes according to the size, which can be installed and replaced by customers, and the use cost is lower.

According to different uses, the brush wire can be made of sisal, wool, PP wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper-plated wire, copper wire, abrasive wire and other materials.

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