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Production Process and Composition Classification of Industrial Brush Roller

Indusrial brush roller production process

Industrial brush rollers are generally made of 45# steel or 201#, 202#, 304# stainless steel as the shaft. Firstly, the steel shaft is cut into the appropriate size and the blank is machined on the lathe. The roller core prototype is formed through welding, reinforcing, and straightening. Then, according to different requirements, the outer layer of the roller core prototype is either sleeved or directly injected into the mold. In this way, the basic shape of a brush roller body has been formed.

The molded or sleeved brush roller body is precisely machined on the lathe according to the dimensions required in the drawing, and subsequent processing is carried out based on different process requirements, such as fine grinding of the coated roller core and the production of different keyways or interfaces for the shaft end.

The entire processing program of industrial brush rollers includes

shaft turning, sleeving (casting), hole drilling, tufting (which can be done by mechanical or pure manual tufting), and trimming.

Composition of industrial brush rollers

Industrial brush rollers generally consist of metal shafts, brush filament attachment bodies (plastic tubes, nylon tubes, etc.), and brush filaments.

The bearing materials for industrial brush roller shafts are generally 45# steel, 201#, 202#, 304# stainless steel, etc., or other bearing materials can be customized according to customer's special requirements. The filament attachment body is generally made of PP material by casting, but can also be customized with antibacterial nylon, plastic steel, heat-resistant materials, etc. The brush filament can be made of nylon (diameter 0.06-f15mm), pig bristle, horsehair, abrasive filament, hemp, antibacterial filament, antistatic nylon filament, heat-resistant brush filament, etc.

Classification of industrial brush rollers

  • According to the arrangement and flying shape of brush filaments of industrial brush rollers, they can be divided into ordinary brush rollers and irregular brush rollers.

  • According to the material of brush filaments of industrial brush rollers, they can be divided into horsehair brush rollers, pig bristle brush rollers, hemp brush rollers, metal wire brush rollers, plastic wire brush rollers, nylon wire brush rollers, abrasive filament brush rollers, etc.

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