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Different Brushes Applicable for Different Industries

The application of industrial brushes is very wide, but the industrial brushes used in different industries are also different, and the biggest difference is the brush wire. The difference in the brush wire will lead to different places where industrial brushes are used.

1. Industrial brushes for bristles

Industrial brushes with boar bristle filaments, which are flexible and hard, are generally used in the textile industry and can achieve good results. Since textile fabrics and silk satin are relatively vulnerable materials, the wool need to be soft enough during operation that cannot cause damage to the surface. From the front end to the back end of the textile production, from simple samples to detailed finished products, a large number of brushing tools are required in countless work links. It can be said that the textile processing industry has always been using industrial brushes a lot.

2. Industrial brushes for horsehair filaments

Industrial brushes made of horsehair brush filaments are relatively soft. They will not cause hard damage to things, and their corrosion resistance and wear resistance properties are also relatively good. It is suitable for polishing leather and other materials.

3. Industrial brushes made of steel wire

The industrial brush made of steel wire has a harder texture and is mainly used for polishing and sanding. It is generally used for processing some stones, such as polishing the surface of marble.

4. Industrial brushes with abrasive filaments

Industrial brushes using abrasive wires have the advantages of toughness and flexibility. They are mainly used in the hardware industry to clean rust, deburr, or polish metal materials to obtain a smooth surface.

5. Industrial brushes of nylon wool

Industrial brushes made of nylon wool have the characteristics of high softness, good recovery, and wear resistance, which can better play the role of cleaning and protecting during operation. They are often used in the cleaning process of glass products and precision instruments. However, it should be noted that professional industrial brushes customized according to the size and shape of test tubes and glass bottles will be more convenient for cleaning.

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