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Features and Industrial Applications of Disc Brushes

The disc brush has been widely used today, so what are its characteristics and its industrial application? Next, let's take a look at it in detail.

Ⅰ. What are the characteristics of the disc brush?

1. The disc brush has good acid and alkali resistance, does not damage the original surface light solubility, and has low bristle water absorption. The disc brush is suitable for grinding in wet and dry conditions.

2. The disc brush has high durability, the bristles of the disc brush are strong and long-lasting.

3. The disc brush has high bristles strength, hyperboloid, uneven surface, and various appearances can be polished evenly.

Ⅱ. Application of disc brush in industry

Generally, disc brushes are used in the industry in the following four categories, which boil down to one thing: Disc brushes are used for finishing tools to obtain the desired workpiece surface.

Therefore, the main function of the disc polishing brush is to treat the surface of the workpiece. Let's take a closer look at the three types of disc brushes:

Appearance cleaning: First of all, use the disc brush to clean the oxide scale, rust, old paint layer, welding slag and other dirt on the surface of the parts. The disc brush is also used to clean the floating dust left after the parts are corroded.

Silk pattern brushing: Use a disc polishing brush to brush the desired silk pattern on the surface of the part, such as wave pattern, fish scale pattern, etc., to achieve decorative purposes.

Deburring: Disc brush filaments remove burrs on the edges of machined parts, which is one of the functions of disc brushes that are widely used in the industry.

Ⅲ. How to choose a suitable strip brush manufacturer?

The following will teach you how to choose a manufacturer with high quality and high credibility of strip brushes, which can reduce a lot of trouble.

First of all, technical equipment is a factor that strip brush manufacturers need to consider. When choosing strip brush manufacturers, it is necessary to consider the comprehensive strength and detailed services of strip brush manufacturers.

Most consumers have little understanding of the quality of the brush filaments of the brush manufacturers.

According to the price factor of the strip brush, which one is cheaper to buy, and if you don't want to know about the strip brush, it is recommended by others to buy it without considering whether it is suitable or not.

These are all phenomena with some obvious misunderstandings. Choosing a good strip brush factory, strip brush product technology and after-sales service have a certain guarantee, which will save worry and effort for business customers.

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