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The Scope of Application of Industrial Brushes and the Selection of Manufacturing Materials

Industrial brushes, brush rollers, and brushes have a wide range of applications, and the selected manufacturing materials also vary according to the use environment. The categories of industrial brushes are rich and complicated, and a brief analysis is as follows.

1. Application scope of industrial brush roller

(1) Cleaning and polishing of various industrial products and materials.

(2) Surface treatment of metal hardware materials.

(3) Clean and grind the surface of the printed circuit board.

In short, industrial brush rollers are widely used in the metallurgical industry, such as: strip conveying at high temperature, rough surface treatment, surface cleaning, oxide scale removal, plate polishing, etc.

2. Application scope of abrasive nylon industrial brush roller

Abrasive nylon brush roller is made of imported nylon, combined with abrasive materials into brush roller wire material, which has the advantages of high strength, high rigidity, fatigue resistance, chemical resistance, high melting point, etc., and belongs to high strength. Wear-resistant brush roller. Abrasive nylon brush strips are used for galvanized steel shot blasting machinery, food machinery and other industrial equipment.

3. Application scope of pipe brush and bottle washing industrial brush

(1) The bottle brush is used to remove dirt inside test tube bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and medicine bottles. The bristles are made of nylon, pig bristles and other materials. The brush can be made according to the size of the bottle diameter.

(2) Burrs will be generated during the processing of deep holes, related holes, and concentric holes of mechanical parts. Removing burrs can improve the quality of parts and is an important part of the machining process. It is a necessary, economical and efficient method to use channel brush to deal with small hole burrs.

4. Application scope of industrial brush bar

(1) The home door brush is prepared according to the door width, which has the function of preventing dust and insects and preventing the loss of air-conditioned air in summer.

(2) Industrial household vacuum cleaners, vacuum brush heads.

(3) Revolving door brushes, car door brushes (sealing function), automatic elevator dust-proof brushes.

(4) Cleaning brushes for building materials equipment, water curtains for machine tools, and sealing brushes for industrial equipment. The materials can be hardwood, iron sheet, PVC, plastic, canvas, etc.

5. Application range and material of industrial brush plate

The brush plate is used for cleaning, polishing, grinding and rust removal of industrial machinery parts, plates, stones, craft glass and electronic displays. Specifications and sizes can be customized according to mechanical dimensions. The selected materials include steel wire, nylon wire, bristle hair, wool, sisal hemp, abrasive wire, etc.

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