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What Are the Specific Requirements for Wire Brush Strips?

The steel wire brush is a kind of brush with the corresponding type of steel wire selected for different purposes and different steel wire diameters. The steel wire has two types: straight wire and corrugated wire. The thickness of the wire can be determined according to different needs. Both straight and curved. Wire brushes, especially wire brush rollers, are usually used in steel or aluminum surface treatment plants, and are composed of a series of stainless steel wire brush rollers installed on a fully automatic high-speed brush polishing machine (brushing machine). Longguang has listed several points for you to pay attention to when customizing wire brushes.

1. The shape and technology of the wire brush strip

There are two types of wire brushes: straight wire and corrugated wire. The production process of flocking drilling is the first choice for straight wire, and the curved wire has basically little requirements for the process, but only the spring wire brush roll must not be curved, because the wire on the surface of the brush roll wound by the curved wire has a higher density and is more wear-resistant.

2. The type of wire brush

Commonly used models are 201#, 206#, 304#, 316# ordinary steel wire and so on. 206# stainless steel wire is suitable for special treatment of polishing scratches and texture of aluminum surface. 304# stainless steel wire is the most commonly used. It is not only strong in toughness, but also resistant to acid and alkali. It is a very common material for steel plates or mining and machinery manufacturing industries that need to be derusted, degreasing, pickling and other work on the steel surface.

3. The wire diameter of the wire brush

The production range of the diameter of the brush wire is between 0.1-0.6mm; the wire diameter here is not as large as possible, and the wire diameter should be determined according to your own application environment and ideal use results.

Shanghai Longguang Industrial Brushes Co., Ltd has advanced production equipment and strong customization capabilities. Customers are welcome to customize wire brush strips with various use effects.

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