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The Role of Brush Roller in Lye Scrub

As the name implies, brush rollers are made by planting brush filaments on roll-shaped objects. The brush filaments include nylon wire, plastic wire, metal wire, bristles, horsehair, etc. When people use the brush roller, they often question the quality issues due to its problems.

Ⅰ. Precautions before using brush roller

1. You must clean up the brush rollers and wrap them up before delivery the brush roller for sale. Planting and clipping the brush filaments would produce many pieces, so you need to comb them before the packaging.

2. Wrap them up with packing bags and boxes to protect them from the dyeing of debris and dust that virtually eliminates damage during transportation.

3. Do not expose the brush filaments without any package or put them on the ground or in polluted environments before usage.

4. Pad the spindle head to keep the brush filaments clean and straight.

Ⅱ. The role of brush roller in lye scrub

The grease dirt on the steel strip sometimes maybe cleaned away but sometimes be swept by external pressures in the processing of steeping cleanout. Therefore the scrubbing becomes necessary.

Scrub continuously the surface of the steel strip with brush rollers which exposes the grease dirt to mechanical action. Thus it would remove the iron powder and sludge contaminants, which consist of grease dirt and ferrum powder on the surface of the steel strip in the process of steeping cleanout. This is the scrubbing. Especially it would partly remove the rusting and solidified anti-rust oil on the surface of the steel strip for the brush filaments have the abrasive function. Spray the high-pressure cleaning fluids upon the steel strip and the brush roller when scrubbing to decrease and lubricate the brush filaments. Without any cleaning fluids, the brush filaments would be damaged and melted in high temperatures caused by dry friction.

Usually, the brush roller rotates against the steel strip to increase the relative motion between them. So you need to spray the water at a proper direction and angle. Spray the cleaning fluids with the direction of the rotation of the brush roller. Ensure that the spraying angle locates at the tangent place between the brush roller and steel strip and maybe slightly close to the brush roller so that the cleaning fluids would throw themselves toward the steel strip and work together with brush filaments in harmony under the action of tangential force and radial centrifugal force. Otherwise, the cleaning fluids may be taken away by the steel strip instead of flowing into the zone of action by brush filaments and steel strips.

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